OneWorld AIR Partnerships

EK duniya anEK awaaz (EDAA) – One World, Many Voices – is a web-based free and open audio content and resource exchange platform for community radio broadcasters, which aims to facilitate meaningful utilisation of resources while breaking geographical boundaries.

EDAA Partnerships 

DST Workshop:  The Department of Science and Technology through RSVP is engaged in creating awareness among women in different parts of country about their health and nutrition using Community Radio.The day long exploratory workshop on Science for Women seeks to inspire new and potential partners for Phase – IV of Science for Women radio series on Women’s Health and Nutrition. For more information, click here.

Radio Mathematics: Radio Mathematics is an initiative of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The initiative aims at popularising mathematics among people using Community Radio. Currently, a pilot of this project is being conducted by 4 Community Radio stations in the country namely MUST Radio, Mumbai; Shyamalavni, Madurai; Radio JU, Kolkata and IIT CR, Kanpur. For more information, click here.

Shubh Kal: Shubh Kal campaign is an initiative of Development Alternatives (DA) and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation in Bundelkhand, which encourages lifestyles that have lower carbon footprint.This project has three target groups: farmers, artisans and women, who are worst affected by persistent drought in the region. The project envisages helping the communities that will eventually lead to improved income through enhanced natural resource management and adopting livelihood techniques that are resilient to climate change. For more information, click here.

Project Axshya: The concept of community radio entered Indian airwaves in 2006; in the years since, the number of stations has grown exponentially to 130 in 2012. Recognising the potential of community radio as a medium of communication, REACH (as part of Project Axshya) works closely with community radio stations around the country to improve knowledge about TB. For more information, click here.

IDS CR workshop: Institute of Development Studies, Sussex, UK in collaboration with OneWorld Foundation India organised a day long workshop on research for producing radio programmes using web-tools. This IDS-OneWorld workshop will provide a platform to the Community Radio Stations to discuss the different ways of conducting research on topics relevant for them. For more information, click here.

Mukta Vidya Vani: It is a part of a series of radio programmes which is produced by National Institute of Open Schooling. For more information, Click here.

ICRC Radio: ICRC Radio is a partnership between International Committee of the Red Cross and OneWorld Foundation India. The partnership aims to enhance awareness on humanitarian issues using radio communication. For more information, click here.

Science for Women’s Health and Nutrition: Science for Women’s Health and Nutrition is an initiative of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. For more information. Click here.