AAROGYAM: An ICT-based approach for improving Reproductive and Child Health

Aarogyam, an ICT based community driven approach, is an innovative initiative launched in Uttar Pradesh in 2008 with an aim to provide health care services to citizens at their door steps for ensuring safe motherhood and child survival components of Reproductive and Child Health (RCH). It prepares a complete health data base with respect to target group, that is, pregnant/lactating mothers and children in immunization age group. Once the data is uploaded into Aarogyam software, automated calls are periodically generated to provide information on child immunization, ANC/PNC, safe delivery and pulse polio campaign through use of Integrated Voice Recording System (IVRS) and telecommunication technology. Aarogyam not only empowers the community with access to health related information and health care facilities but also provides an interactive platform to enquire about various health issues as well as file complaints on a prescribed helpline number. Currently, the project is functional in Bagpat, Amroha (earlier called J. P. Nagar) districts, Moradabad and Meerut mandals of the state.

Aarogyam has enhanced the government’s outreach to people for providing responsive health care delivery. It has contributed significantly to improvement in maternal and child health status in the target areas. Further, it has been able to empower the community by encouraging their active involvement in public health care system. The Mother and Child Health Tracking feature (MCTS) of Aarogyam has been upscaled to the national level and adopted for replication across the country under the National Rural Health Mission, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

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