eDisaster Management Plan

Gadchiroli District Administration has implemented an ICT based comprehensive and effective solution to respond to recurring disasters in the area using are accessible, affordable and appropriate technologies.

Situated in the Godavari drainage basin, in Maharastra, Gadchiroli has abundant natural resources and experience good rainfall. The rivers and rain are source of irrigation here, and many villages are on the bank of the rivers passing through the district. Due to heavy monsoon, these rivers often get flooded between July-September and cause damage to people and property. In order to respond to this recurring problem, the district administration designed a technology-based disaster management programme that combines eFlood Alerts with blood donor information system.

The innovation integrates several ICT components to provide a comprehensive solution. The disaster management system includes a 24*7 Control Room to coordinate all efforts, an eFlood Alert System that uses a sensor to detect water level and send an automatic update to important government and non-governmental functionaries; a water level monitoring system in observation wells to check the ground water level and a blood donor information system that links donors to the recipients.

Introduction of the disaster management plan has streamlined the information flow during crisis, and also eased rescue operation. The government departments receive alert prior to river reaching danger levels or floods occurring. This helps them in planning evacuation and rehabilitation strategies in advanced. Overall, the programme has proved to be useful as it responds to the needs of the government and citizens, and mitigates the risk of recurring disaster.

This case study was published in March 2012.

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