Enhancing livestock productivity

Project Nandini, a livestock information system implemented by the Government of Odisha aims to provide extension services to cattle farmers in Jagatsinghpur, Cuttack and Mayurbhanj districts of the state.


Under Nandini, a web-based portal houses a dependable animal database along with details of their owners. The portal focuses on systematising the reproductive life cycle of crossbred cows by monitoring specific details like animal to attain peak yield, animal due and suitable for oestrus, animal due for pregnancy diagnosis, animal to be dried off, animal due for parturition and animal to be vaccinated/de-wormed. Based on the information and data available, a decision support system is provided to government departments/functionaries. Reports generated out of a web software helps government livestock inspectors and veterinarians get a fortnightly ‘To Do List’ to render selective and need based services in a timely manner.

The farmers also receive vital information related to the health and reproductive cycle of their cattle through an SMS alert, a helpline and also by visiting the village Common Service Centres. The information helps farmers take accurate precautionary measures and gradually increase the productivity of their cattle.

Project Nandini is a first of its kind initiative in India. Through Nandini a proper pattern for livestock related service delivery is being established wherein the needs of both service providers and the end users have been connected through an organized online information system. Nandini has turned cattle breeding into an integrated process that’s benefiting farmers in over 880 Odisha villages.

This case study was published in October 2011.

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