i-Bhugoal: Bihar Infrastructure Mapping Geomatics Oriented Application Model

i-Bhugoal is a web-based Geographic Information System (GIS) that provides single window access to topographical, geographical, infrastructural and social information for the state of Bihar. It is the first GIS enabled application implemented for the state and is the first in the country that provides information at the 1:4000 scale or cadastral level. It is also the first time the concept of spatial planning and decision-making has been introduced in the state.

The system is being currently used by eight government departments for a host of developmental functions. Planners and decision-makers use the portal to view the spatial distribution of assets, infrastructure and demographics. This enables data-driven decision making and brings in more equitable development. The system is also used for monitoring and evaluation as it tracks physical and financial progress on worksites. It is dynamically updated by the departments that use it and can be updated by citizens as well.

i-Bhugoal was implemented by NIC Bihar and became operational in 2011 after successful testing through various pilots. It was awarded the Gold Medal in the National e-Governance Awards 2012-13 under the category of ‘Innovative use of Technology in e-Governance’.

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