IT@School, Kerala

IT@School was introduced by the General Education Department of the Government of Kerala in 2001 in recognition of the role of Information Technology as an enabler of quality education. The primary objective of the project was to enhance the intellectual capacity of the teachers and the curricular comprehension of students based on the institutionalization of ICT enabled education.

The traditional system of teaching has seen a complete and systematic transformation in the project. The emphasis shifted from conventional teaching methods to an ICT driven learning process. It was premised on a dynamic and participatory pedagogy that prioritized the need for constant upgradation of IT enabled knowledge and skills. The IT enablement of education was based on a holistic integration of certain key activities, listed as i. Capacitating teachers as the pivotal point of ICT enabled teaching and learning ii. Developing an IT efficient infrastructural environment iii. Facilitating simultaneous deployment of Free and Open Source Software platforms, and iv. Generating an IT embedded indigenous knowledge base

This integrated approach aims to make teachers and students ‘knowledge economy ready’. IT@School has been involved in this process for over a decade and has catered to the needs of almost 8000 schools, 1.6 million students and over 2, 00,000 lakh teachers across the state of Kerala in this time. Its efforts have been facilitated by a self reliant and autonomous implementing agency manned by a network of 14 District Coordinators, 160 Master Trainers, 5600 School IT Coordinators, 28000 Student School IT Coordinators and a techno-functional staff at the state project office.

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