MeeSeva: Common service centres of Government of Andhra Pradesh

This case study details the implementation of the MeeSeva project launched by the Government of Andhra Pradesh in November 2011. The MeeSeva project envisioned to combine services offered under existing service delivery platforms such as eSeva, APOnline and Common Service Centres and to provide all these services at a one-stop centre — MeeSeva centres – with the help of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) developed by the Department of Information and Communication Technology, Andhra Pradesh.

In order to understand the implementational process of the MeeSeva project, the case study has been divided into the following sections — ’In Brief’, ‘lnnovation Context‘, ‘New Approach’, ’lmplementation Strategy‘, ‘Challenges in Implementations’, ‘Benefits of lnnovation‘, ‘Financial Model’, and ‘Potential for Replication’.

The financial model adopted for the launch of the MeeSeva portal, for the initial setup of the pilot project, and the model adopted at the kiosk level is detailed in the ‘Financial Model’ section. The PPP model developed at the kiosk level ensures that every stakeholder benefits from the initiative through a commission structure for each service. The expansion in the number of services offered under MeeSeva has further strengthened the financial sustainability of these centres.

Lastly, the key merits of the MeeSeva project from the perspective of the government, citizens and the operators are mentioned in the section on Potential for Replication’ along with the prerequisites necessary for introducing such a model/ project. This will enable the replication of this successful model in other States/ UTs of the country.

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