Online disbursement of housing assistance to Scheduled Castes in Kerala

The e-Housing project was implemented in Kerala in 2011 to reform the fund disbursal mechanism used for the Bhavana Nirman Dhanasahayam scheme that provides Scheduled Caste beneficiaries funds for house construction. It is primarily a Government to Government (G2G) project implemented by the Centre for Development of Imaging Technology for the Scheduled Caste Development Department. It also has Government to Citizen (G2C) functionalities as it enables beneficiaries to track the status of their applications online. The project has completely digitised the erstwhile manual process, bringing about transparency and increasing process efficiency. Money is now transferred online to the accounts of beneficiaries, enabling fund tracking and ensuring that they are not misappropriated.

The system has eased monitoring and evaluation of the housing scheme, reduced the processing time involved by a third and has saved beneficiaries the hassle of frequenting government offices to follow up on their applications.

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