Quality education for the underprivileged

Teach For India is a unique initiative that provides promising graduates and young professionals an opportunity to teach in low-income schools in pursuance of educational equity.


In India, the high absenteeism rate of teachers, increased drop-out rates and understaffed government schools impact the overall educational scenario. With the aim to address this growing gap in the capacity of service delivery between government and private educational institutions in India, the Teach For India organisation has introduced a two-year Fellowship programme for young talented individuals between the age of 20 and 35, to teach full-time in low-income schools utilising innovative teaching tools and techniques.

The Fellowship provides resources and training, and encourages youth to develop leadership skills. In the short run, TFI envisages to create a pool of dedicated teachers who work diligently to impart quality education to underprivileged children, and in the process become sensitive to resolve problems in public education system. Further, the long-term goal is to utilize this sensitivity, to build a powerful and ever-growing network of alumni who will continue to work towards creating equality in educational opportunities through various avenues.

Starting with 87 Fellows teaching in 35 schools in Mumbai and Pune in 2009, today 250 TFI Fellows are teaching across 130 schools in Mumbai, Pune and Delhi. TFI is reaching out to about 12,000 students, providing them an opportunity to be exposed to a quality of education which they have so far been devoid of. At the same time, the presence of young, vibrant Fellows in the public education system is bringing a fresh outlook towards addressing the urgent need for educational reforms.

This case study was published in December 2011.

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