Re-inventing Targeted Public Distribution System in Gujarat

Initiated by the Government of Gujarat, the Biometric Barcoded PDS Coupon system is an innovative model of service delivery that leverages ICT to improve the accountability and transparency of the Targeted Public Distribution System in the state.


The Biometric Barcoded ration Public Distribution System (PDS) Coupon system is an innovative ICT-enabled governance model that has enhanced the delivery of the Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS) in Gujarat. Sponsored by the state government and implemented by the Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs Department, the reformed TPDS model has been effectively catering to the needs of the citizens of Gujarat since 2010. The system is being implemented in 1000 fair price shops presently.

A three phased implementation strategy has been adopted to secure the systematic integration of targeted beneficiaries: identity, delivery and transaction management. It has been primarily designed to undertake an end to end computerisation of the state’s TPDS. Herein, advanced 2D bar code and biometric technology has been harnessed to enable accountable and transparent TPDS operations. This is based on effective elimination of bogus and duplicate ration cards, classification of the beneficiaries to minimise inclusion and exclusion based errors, and updated record keeping to facilitate the overall monitoring and management of the system.

In all, the bar-coded PDS system has facilitated to enhance the delivery of TPDS services, empower beneficiaries and secure high levels of accountability and transparency in a cost effective and sustainable manner.

The case study was published in September 2012.

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