Rural technology platform for sugarcane farmers

The Sugarcane Information System (SIS) is a technical platform to streamline interaction between farmers, sugar mills and societies through SMS, IVRS and web portals that provide free of cost services and information to farmers in Uttar Pradesh.

Source: UP Sugarcane Development Department

The sugarcane farmers in Uttar Pradesh have benefited from SIS system in two main ways: First, they are able to access market information from sugar mills and societies without having to waste time or make numerous travels to the offices. Instead, they are updated on market information detail via SMS, IVRS or websites. Second, they have benefited monetarily through increased quantity of sale of sugarcane to sugar mills, higher weight of supply due to fresh sugarcane, and increase in area under sugarcane.

SIS provides complete transparency into the sugarcane industry benefiting farmers, sugar mills and the societies. Technological intervention has replaced the manual system of previous functionalities and improved efficacy thereby resulting in higher profits and better cane productivity. The success of SIS can be up scaled and replicated in other states to improving living standard of targeted beneficiaries.

This case study was published in March 2012.


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