Saakshar Bharat: Sustaining and enhancing efforts in adult education in Andhra Pradesh

Seeking to promote and strengthen adult education, especially women’s education, Andhra Pradesh’s Saakshar Bharat programme has facilitated opportunities for continuing education by extending educational options to adults who have dropped out of, or never entered the formal education system. With its emphasis on basic literacy, post-literacy and continuous education, the initiative forms a continuum as opposed to segmenting adult education. Enrolment of the programme has increased progressively over the years – up from approximately 15 lakhs to over 45 lakhs between the years 2010-11 and 2012-13. The number of adults enrolled through during this period is above 83 lakhs.

The field work for this case study was conducted in Andhra Pradesh before the state of Telengana was carved out of it in June 2014.

This case study is a part of Good Practices Resource Book 2015 and can be found on page 45.