Sulekha Plan Monitoring System: Facilitating and monitoring planning at the local government level

The Sulekha Plan Monitoring software was developed and implemented in Kerala in 2002 by the Information Kerala Mission, Government of Kerala, to facilitate decentralised planning at the local level. It is a Government-to-Government (G2G) project that provides end-to-end computerisation of the planning process across vertical and horizontal levels. Sulekha enables plan formulation, appraisal, approval, revision processes and expenditure tracking at the local body level. The system is a centralised database of plan-related information, containing details of previous plans that can be accessed in a graphical and analytical form by front-end users. It also contains guidelines, government orders and other plan-related information relevant to users. It is a centrally deployed, web-based system that is hosted at the Kerala State Data Centre and accessible to all 1,209 local bodies through the Kerala State Wide Area Network/Virtual Private Network.

Sulekha was implemented in the context of Kerala People’s Plan Campaign of 1996. It is now an essential component of the planning process in Kerala. The workload it handles is increasing with an average of 2 lakh plan projects handled by local governments every year. It has brought about significant improvements in plan process efficiency and has standardised the process without taking away the agency of local governments to creatively solve problems. The project has won the Gold Medal in the category of Excellence in Government Process Re-engineering in the National e-Governance Awards 2009-10.

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