Transparent Chennai: Maps, Data and Insights

Transparent Chennai seeks to create access to urban spaces for the marginalised sections of the urban population. It empowers citizens with online interactive information about their city, including critical public services.

Centre for Development Finance, a research centre of the Institute for Financial Management and Research (IFMR), launched Transparent Chennai in October 2010.

The website, , creates maps to display the status and nature of important public facilities. Data collected through field research is digitally displayed on interactive maps. Locations of public toilets, flyovers, slums, and bus routes are examples of information published on the site. A myriad of technologies such as GPS, GIS, Google Earth, Wikimapia are used to prepare the maps. By providing spatial information regarding various aspects of city planning, Transparent Chennai is helping to chalk out areas that need greater attention.

This case study was published in June 2011.

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