OneWorld Women Network

OneWorld Women Network (OWN) is a platform that cuts across class, caste, religion and culture. It aims at creating a unique and specially demarcated space for women where they can come together to deliberate on issues of common concerns. This will facilitate a much-needed vibrant discussion. It will lead to the creation of a strong, woman-centric network of individuals who are passionate and are willing to see and bring about change. While this organization aims to be made by, of and for women, OWN realizes that there are men who are equally passionate about gender issues and women’s rights. This network will thus reach out to individuals from other genders including men.

Using varied methods to facilitate discussions, and to disseminate information, OWN hopes to bring about visible development. These methods would include conferences, workshops, seminars, conclaves and publications. OWN will also bring into focus women authors and artists by holding regular art and culture seminars, book launches and meetings to discuss books. These books will include texts written by women, those that discuss pressing concerns or simply those that celebrate women. We believe that this network will fill the void that is currently present. Through these processes, we believe that emerging solutions will fill the gaps that women currently experience in their lives. OWN believes in changing the current status of women- as secondary – to women as equal citizens.