Open Defecation Free Villages: Creating and sustaining Nirmal Grams through community participation in Jharkhand

The Government of Jharkhand has successfully established a workable strategy for creating and sustaining Nirmal Grams (clean villages) through a people-centric, participatory and demand-driven approach. This initiative aims to create Open Defecation Free (ODF) villages through the construction of a functional toilet in every household. Having been successfully piloted in Gadri village, the initiative is being scaled up across the state, with convergence and community involvement as its underlying principles. The initiative has created a ripple effect as neighbouring villages have emulated the process and the State government has upscaled the initiative, beginning with the direct transfer of Rs 30.46 crore to the Village Water and Sanitation Committees of various Panchayats.

This case study is a part of Good Practices Resource Book 2015 and can be found on page 253.