E-Health Point: transformation of rural health care

E-Health Points (EHPs) are units that provide rural and peri-urban households across five districts of Punjab with access to clean drinking water, medicines, diagnostic tools, and facilities for efficient and timely healthcare.

Source: E-Health Point

Healthpoint Services India (HSI) owns and operates E-Health Points (EHP) in the Malwa region of Punjab. These units provide clean filtered drinking water, generic medicines, comprehensive diagnostic services, and advanced tele-medical services to the poor at subsidized rates. The chief objectives are to transform rural & peri-urban healthcare delivery and  contribute to the realization of the Millennium Development Goals and India’s National Rural Health Mission.

The E-Health Point model is a for pay model, relying on the efficient use of modern technologies like rural broadband, tele-medical software, low-cost diagnostical equipment, and economical water treatment methods. The project’s local staff has been adequately trained to adopt these standardized tools for efficiently delivering healthcare and water facilities to the people.

Since its inauguration in November 2009, these EHPs have provided more than 33,500 tele-medical consultations and performed about 19,500 diagnostic investigations along with providing safe drinking water to about 5,00,000 users daily. At present there are 100 such water points and 8 health points in operation.

By providing rural and peri-urban communities with greater access to high quality health-care and safe drinking water, EHPs are resulting in better health & well-being, enhanced productivity and improved standard of living among people in the Malwa region of Punjab.

This case study was published in June 2012.

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